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HoloLens, a glimpse of a sinister future?

On Wednesday (January 21, 2015) Microsoft unveiled something interesting, which is quite unusual from the software giant. The HoloLens is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, that enhances the world we see. It can project a TV on an empty wall, put your digital notes on the refrigerator or turn your entire room into a game of Minecraft. See it for yourself in the product video…

Fancy, we already saw such a thing, the Google Glass, but what happened with that? Well, the prototype was released in early 2013, and what do you know, Google just stopped producing the thing on January 15, 2015. They say it’s not dead… I say it’s a dead end.

Microsoft HoloLens Skype RGB

I wasn’t really paying attention to the Microsoft announcement, only saw the above video in the company mailing list, but I was impressed, this is something that could change our life. No wonder, someone else had already thought about that. Among the comments I found a short film from 2012 – even before Google Glass – with a disturbing, dire vision of our future. You might think about this as fiction, but the way this film starts, it almost blends with the ending of the above PR video from Microsoft.

We build our future, let’s hope it’ll be a nice one…

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