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I started writing a little private journal for myself, and today I ended up listing some Medium posts in it which I wanted to read for the past few weeks and finally managed this morning. Then I thought it would be a waste to keep this private so I share them here:

Rosita on Medium

A guy writes about being more open, to overcome social anxiety:

I felt nervous as usual, but decided to make a change. I decided to talk to her, and after several long minutes of counting down, I opened my mouth and asked “How has your day been?”.

Important: how to write a to-do list on Medium

Where did todo lists originate from, why and how they can make our day more productive:

Ivy Lee, the father of public relations, met up with Schwab and suggested the following: each employee should write down 6 tasks everyday and rank them from highest to lowest priority.

Small Moments on Medium

A little story about a guy who started writing a journal in Day One:

Photos have played a big part in my life. So, the journaling tool needed to allow entries to work seamlessly with images during my trips down memory lane.

How to Beard on Medium

Growing a beard is hard, and many don’t even know how to handle it, this post helps a lot:

[…] there will be a phase where it’s not short enough to look good, but also not long enough as you want it to be. It’s the shitty phase, be strong and make it through it.

Hope you find them useful and/or interesting.

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