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Responsive Website Design Quick Guide

Responsive Web Design is one of the most interesting things happening around the web lately. Whit is help, we can create pages, that can appear in on any display the way we want it.

Actually the appearance of portrait displays was the spark that kickstarted this new way of website design. We may think of smartphone displays here which could display full websites scaled down, however most of the cases in unreadable form. Face it, most of the internet is optimized for desktop displays, and no matter how big our smartphone’s display is, it would look awkward. A separate mobile view is a solution, but in most cases these are also optimized for a range of resolutions.

The core of Responsive Web Design, are CSS3 media queries, the extension of the @media rule. It gives us control over which selected css rules should be active depending the size of the viewer’s screen. Most modern browsers support this option, and since June 2012 the W3C is officially recommends it, so it’s nearly 100% that future browsers will handle it too.

But let’s get to the piont of my post. I don’t plan to make a presentation about how this is done (yet), since there are a bunch of great sources around the web. I would like to recommend one particular eBook. Though this PDF, titled Responsive Website Design is not free, but considering its quality and content, for $3.48 it’s a clear bargain. The 30 page walkthrough is not too wordy but sufficiently detailed, the basics of the technique could be acquired during a the the few hours of an afternoon.

If you are interrested, click here!

The publisher 1stwebdesigner has two other publications to offer in the same bargain price.

Learn HTML5 Website Basic Features And Elements In 1 Day
This is the same short guide aimed to help those web designers and developers, who are still a bit puzzled, distant or even never heard of this new HTML5 thing.

Latest Web Design Trends, The Road To Good Website Design
This book could be invaluable for those who want to get in picture with the webdesign trends of the past two years.

I have a feeling that i should buy into the Webdesign Trend eBook, I have fallen behind in the topic lately. 😛

If you want all three books, you can buy them in a bundle here!

* in case of the 30% descount, which is given for a twitter or facebook post

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