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Safari Tips and Tricks

Update (September 12, 2015): Added the Retab extension to the Reopen recent pages section.

Ages ago I was a Firefox fan, it was the alternative for Internet Explorer. When I got my first Mac I started to use Safari, then Chrome when it was mature enough. I used it for years, then I switched back to Safari about a year ago. My main problem was that Chrome is a memory hog and you get the best browsing performance and hours of extra battery life on a Mac with Safari.

The problem with Safari…

… is that it’s weird. I mean if you get used to thing in Chrome, you will probably have a hard time to find those in Safari. Let’s start with my biggest problem, which kept me from coming back, I missed the favicons on the tabs, but I managed to solve this, which was the point when I decided to go back to Safari. I don’t want to go into detail about this, read the post, there are plenty of other things to talk about.

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Social Links with CSS and Font Icons

My Girlfriend has a blog about sugarfree baking and she asked me if I could take a look at the social icons on it. Remove some of the defaults and add some new.

This is a Blogger site with a 3000(!) line template. Removing some of the icons wasn’t a problem. I even tried to be the least obtrusive, so just hid them with CSS, but adding new ones turned out to be a problem. The icons were made with a sprite and Pinterest wasn’t among them.

I could have just created a new sprite, but hey, we are living in the age of CSS3 and font icons, and she also asked for grey icons. To spice up the challenge a bit I wanted to recreate the exact same experience, but of course with resolution independent graphics and easily modifiable colors.

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HoloLens, a glimpse of a sinister future?

On Wednesday (January 21, 2015) Microsoft unveiled something interesting, which is quite unusual from the software giant. The HoloLens is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, that enhances the world we see. It can project a TV on an empty wall, put your digital notes on the refrigerator or turn your entire room into a game of Minecraft. See it for yourself in the product video…

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Add favicons to Safari 8 (and 9) tabs

Update (September 11, 2015): Well, fall is here, 10.11 El Capitan is about to be released, and the guys behind SIMBL just found a way to make the plugins you love work in the new OS. I won’t go into details, because the method is not really for the faint hearted, but you can read about all of it here. Once you installed SIMBL the steps to enable SafariStand and tab favicons is the same. The latest version is tested and reportedly works with Safari 9.

Update (July 1, 2015): Let’s start with the bad news: EasySIMBL is dead since Mac OS X 10.10.4 (Safari 8.0.7), but the original SIMBL still works… for now, as reports say that in 10.11 El Capitan it will break too, but leave that problem for the fall. Let’s see what we have to do now:

If you don’t have EasySIMBL installed yet:

  1. Download and install SIMBL-0.9.9 (not code signed, so choose Open from the context menu)
  2. Download and extract SafariStand
  3. Put the SafariStand.bundle file to ~/Library/Application\ Support/SIMBL/Plugins (you can reach the ~/Library/ folder from Terminal, or by pressing Option in Finder’s Go menu)
  4. Go to step 4 of the original post from here…

Screenshot 2015-07-01 11.47.14

If you have EasySIMBL installed, icon-githubhetima created a transition guide to SIMBL for you, which has some extra steps on how to remove EasySIMBL in addition to the steps above.

Update (June 20, 2015): SafariStand was updated to 8.0.213 which works with Safari 8.0.7

Update (May 17, 2015): SafariStand was updated to 8.0.210 and now has a convenient self update feature.

My greatest pain with Safari was always that it’s a very good browser, but has some dumb UI decisions. Like not having favicons on the tabs. I even bragged about this… then something came to my mind. What if there is a solution for this on the Internet? Well, what do you know, there is one!

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